Explora 2 (HD PVR Decoder)

Explora 2 (HD PVR Decoder)


DStv Explora 2 HD PVR

· HD Capable (720p, 1080i, 1080p)
· DStv Catch Up
· DStv Catch Up Plus**
· BoxOffice
· ShowMax
· Pause Live TV for up to 2 hours
· Record up to 110 hours
· Series Recording
· Remote Recordings
· View one channel, while recording another
· Fast Forward, Rewind, Slow-Motion and Instant Replay
· Easy content discovery
· Favourite Channels (5)
· Subtitles
· Easy to use remote control and menu
· Parental Control
· Dolby Digital Capable
· Widescreen Capable
· Aspect Ratio Control

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