Ellies Smart Remote Blaster USB ( BPWRCEU)

The Smart Remote Blaster.
Operate remote controlled devices from any room.
Just install the one unit in your bedroom and the other at your satellite decoder / DVD player in your lounge and your normal remotes in your bedroom will operate like magic.
Works through walls, ceilings and floors, from any room to any room (Up to 80m free air).Pairable to prevent other nearby remote control extenders from controlling your equipment.
Factory paired for your convenience.
Interference free.

-Ideal for plasma and LCD.
-World?s first USB powered IR remote control extender.
-Works with most infrared remote controlled devices.
-Compact design made for flat screens.
-Flexible cables for emitter and receiver eyes.
-Built in switch for shorter IR range to prevent duplicate
-Controlling of the same model TV?s in the lounge and bedroom.
-Easily pair “Add-on transmitters” when extending your system.


RF frequency: 434MHz
-IR frequency: 35KHz
-RF range of operation: 80m Free Air
-IR range for Bedroom unit: 1m – 8m
-IR range for TV room (Far setting): <5m
-IR range for TV room (Near setting): <2m
-IR receiver wire length: 55cm
-IR transmitter wire nr.1 length: 40cm
-IR transmitter wire nr.2 length: 125cm
-Antenna type: Internal
-Power consumption: 5V 100mA max
-USB-Y cable length: 40cm & 12cm
-USB plug type: Type A male
-USB socket type: Type A female
-Size: 89 x 37 x 14mm (Excl. USB)

Weight per unit: 35g
-Compatible equipment: Satellite receivers / Decoders,
-Home theatre systems, CD / DVD /
-Blu-ray players and almost any other remote controlled device.


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